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The IZI way to order parts, save costs and returns and increase your online sales!

IZI Motive is the online order and distribution platform for the Automotive aftermarket!

The Automotive industry is in full development and it is now more important than ever to review the current business model, follow technological developments closely and make your company available online on the market.
IZI Motive is the online order and distribution platform for the Automotive aftermarket! We offer you access to the latest developments in the industry and the opportunity to improve your return. With IZI Motive, efficiency, innovation and automation come together.
Our view on Automotive business and spare parts is different and innovative. With our catalogue, data and e-commerce solutions you will always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Do you want to lead the way in the market?

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The Platform

IZI Motive provides access to an online sales and distribution channel with a huge constantly growing database. A distinctive online own distribution channel with which you can reach customers directly. IZI Motive is fully integrated with Tecdoc and other databases. All you need to do is let your customers log in to efficiently manage your transactions. Its distinctiveness is a standardized connectivity platform that can be fully adapted to your own wishes.

IZI Motive offers advantages on several fronts:

Efficiency improvement, cost savings and improvement of your sales results by:

  • Making it easy for customers to order products and parts
  • Optimizing your assortment, stocks and logistics
  • Choices in delivery times
  • Central processing of returns and guarantees
  • Insight into various statistics
  • Links with online sales channels such as Marktplaats, Bol.com, Amazon etc.

With IZI Motive you have access to a fully equipped dashboard

IZI Motive is a complete Cloud based solution and is always provided with a responsive design. With IZI Motive you have access to a fully equipped dashboard to manage your business. This can be as simple and extensive as you wish. Its distinctiveness is a standardized connectivity platform that can be fully adapted to your own wishes.
Back office processes
IZI Motive is equipped with its own developed CMS. This CMS provides access to all back-office processes that are important to you. The standard CMS is equipped with:

  • Account administration.
  • Order routing.
  • Parameterize Electronic Parts Catalogue.
  • Assortment determination.

Implementation and training
It goes without saying that IZI Motive takes care of the implementation process and we offer training courses for the users of the platform.



IZI search

Search the database easily and at lightning speed
Searching the database is very simple and intuitive. Enter license plate number or search criteria in the search bar, or use the filters to quickly arrive at the right result. Even the most inexperienced worker can handle it.
Our software is developed in the latest development languages, so that all searches are performed with high performance. This immediately results in savings, because you no longer lose time waiting due to slow performance.


IZI statistics

With the statistics module you immediately have all the necessary management information at your disposal.
For example, you can see what you have bought and/or sold, what your runners and slow movers are, how high the number of clicks is on your products, etc. All reports can be called up on the screen and can be exported to PDF, Excel and other file formats.

IZI dashboard

Set up the dashboard completely according to your own wishes.
With the menu editor, IZI Motive can be adjusted entirely to your own liking, so that every user has exactly what he/she finds important. You can choose from different view modes (list view, grid view, etc.), switch filters on and off, switch suppliers on and off, etc.


IZI connect

Unlimited linking with tools and services.
Use Tecdoc, other databases, catalogs or your own PIMs. The business connector makes it possible to integrate your product information into the platform and to receive orders for your own application. The communication can take place via web services (XML, SOAP, API) and EDI.
In addition, we can also integrate software and solutions from external parties, such as ERP systems, garage systems and wholesale systems in the platform, webshop or application.

IZI specifics



The Catalog

With our catalog you can give your customers access to your range. Together with you, we will expand this catalog to the desired format. To realize this, we use the advanced IZI Platform.
The platform retrieves the catalog data from for example TecDoc or its own data via web services and then acts as a filter. In your environment, this means that only the information relevant to your organization in the field of availability, price and item properties is displayed. For example, you can choose to use the product descriptions supplied by TecDoc, but you can also choose to have your own ERP system act as a source for this information. In addition to this example, there are many other possibilities to consider how the data can best be presented and where this information should be obtained from.
The IZI Platform has been developed in such a way that linking with other systems is always possible. Information from external sources can (depending on the possibilities offered by your ERP system or supplier) be added to your catalog in various ways:

  • Real time
  • Refresh by trigger
  • Upload article file

What is TecDoc?

TecDoc is the source of information for the aftermarket with original product data from the manufacturer. TecDoc provides current data for searching and ordering articles for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This data comes directly from the manufacturers' database

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